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BEMER devices are the perfect personal and professional solution for the discerning everyday user.   The circulatory system of the body relies on motion – blood circulating throughout the body providing life giving nutrients and waste disposal essential to survival.    The heart pumps blood through the main arteries but they only comprise about 16% of the circulatory system.  The remaining 84% is dependent on motion of the body to move the blood!  As we age, or become more sedentary, this blood flow can be disrupted or slowed and the body does not get the oxygen, blood and metabolic waste disposal sufficient to maintain optimum health.    There’s no pill or potion –  the answer is motion!   BEMER provides the solution!!

Our products are designed to comprise a complete solution for improving your well-being.  All the while being easy to apply – you can literally use them in your sleep.

With one signaling device and up to four applicators to chose from, you have the power and flexibility to shape your application as the situation requires – be it in the work place or the comfort of your own home, or even while flying the skies!     BEMER therapy is used for well-being, improved cardiac functions and physical fitness.  The majority of the global population could benefit from using BEMER, and it is highly probable that you will too!  Good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body.  This is fundamental for all metabolic processes.  The circulatory system plays a critical role in total well-being!    Many international athletes at the top levels in all disciplines are among the over a million users !   BEMER is used in over 40 countries in hospitals and clinics.   This cutting edge technology is now available in the United States and on the way to changing health care as we know it!  Be on the leading edge of health and join the enthusiastic and happy BEMER users and order yours today!   Ask about a complimentary session at Intuitive Healing Arts or your own private location.

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Joel Chudnow

Dear Cathy,

       Early in my teaching of wholistic wellness, you showed up in my class. I’ve seen you slam the door on your previous life and proceed to learn more and more, to be of to people seeking to be well.   So… today I see you as a woman who has transformed yourself to serve your clients in ever so deep and meaningful ways.  I’m happy to have been with you at your make-over-beginning, and I’m proud of your bright light that shines on so many, here in Tampa Bay, who are on a path of self renewal. We are blessed to have your partnership and support right here in our community.

Joel Chudnow
Wholistic Health Educator (since 1993)