Bhakti Intuitive Massage

The name Bhakti is taken from Sanskrit and is translated as “reintegration through love” or “devotion to one’s healing process”. Bhakti bodywork is a combination of many techniques, focusing on a slow, gentle but strong style that physiologically calms the nervous system, creating a meditative healing state and balanced flow of energy within the body.

In this state, deep work/pressure can be applied without muscle spasm or pain. The stroke is continuous in design, and never exactly the same twice, allowing for the intuitive side of the therapist to emerge and work the client’s immediate needs. It can be likened to a free style tai chi dance in which the therapist’s movements flow from one body part to another, allowing for maximum integration of the body’s systems and energy centers.

Sessions may last from 60 minutes to two hours, depending on preference and need, and end with a balancing of the chakras or energy centers of the body. They are located on top of the head (crown – spiritual center), forehead (3rd eye – intuitive center), neck (expression), heart (love consciousness ), stomach (power center), and lower abdomen or pelvic region (sexual expression). The perineum or root chakra is not physically touched but is energetically balanced last of all. The session is ended with a general sweeping of the entire body to balance out the fields of energy in, on and surrounding the body.

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Matthew Mcllvain

“An Amazing Experience…”

You will never feel so safe, so loved, and so honored as you will in the gentle hands of Cathy Braun.  Her warmth and kindness are virtually without peer.  You will leave Cathy’s studio floating on a cloud for which there is no number.