Tantra Lifestyle Coaching – without Love we have nothing

Tantra refers to a spiritual path that utilizes the material body in an effort to achieve oneness with Spirit – a bliss state in which one wants for nothing and the struggle is over. Using meditation, yoga, breath work and breathing techniques, as well as maintaining the body in a healthy, holistic and natural way, this style of living encourages rejuvenation of the body and elevation of the soul spirit. Who would not want to live a life of bliss? Removing physical and emotional blocks and learning and experiencing new ways to be your own witness in a loving, non-judging fashion is also key to following this path.

Shakti.jpgLove seeks not limits
but outlets

Old hurts and manners of reacting can continue to keep us in the misery of shame, disappointment and negative energy that is counter to emotional and spiritual bliss.  Practicing staying present with what is and using that to achieve a higher level of functioning can lead to a much more peaceful, serene life. A sacred space is provided in which the body and spirit are honored and confidentiality and non-judgment allows one to let go of all these old patterns and live. All sessions are individually designed to meet individual needs with the goal being to ones higher good and self realization.    The Little Love Box is  sometimes used in connection with sessions and is always available for sale!

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Mark Werner

I have known and been a client of Cathy Braun for over 15 years.  She has helped me overcome physical and mental pain many times.  Her relaxing style and caring personality have improved the quality of my life and without any reservations, I recommend her as a therapist.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  moishe3000@gmail.com