Energy Bodywork

Energy bodywork is offered in connection with massage or as a treatment in itself.  In this work, the therapist works to guide the client’s body into balance, realigning the energy centers of the body as well as aiding the release of toxins and trapped energy and emotions that could be a roadblock to health.  This work is done with the client’s personal intentions for healing as well.

The procedure may vary from client to client.  Usually a massage table is used and the client is treated lying down, face up alternating with prone position with both sides of the body being treated. The client remains fully clothed, only removing shoes and any constricting articles such as a belt or jewelry. Music is often played during the session to soothe and center both client and therapist.

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Universal Love and Energy as well as other disciplines may be brought forth with the intention of bringing the highest good of the person being treated.

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You will never feel so safe, so loved, and so honored as you will in the gentle hands of Cathy Braun.  Her warmth and kindness are virtually without peer.  You will leave Cathy’s studio floating on a cloud for which there is no number.